Welcome to the Smeraldo … in Maranello guided by the emotion of great cuisine …

The urge to find one’s habitat even in moments of relaxation is innate in man.
This is why the Lo Smeraldo Restaurant is special, paying particular attention to all the trappings of quality in every aspect … since 1985 we have made our restaurant the symbol of the setting, cuisine, professionalism and functionality.

Wine Shop

Apicella combines good food with good drinking thanks to a cellar stocked with hundreds of labels from all over the world.
They are served observing all the characteristics of the tasting. Wines to appreciate sipping taste, aroma and flavor in the wonderful splendor of the restaurant. A collection that stimulates the curiosity to taste even more wines during the meal, given the richness of the menu.

To see and admire the Enoteca dello Smeraldo: seven hundred labels, almost ten thousand bottles, a computerized archive to find the right bottle and an almost maniacal care in order.
A large table in the center suggests that the place is also used for special tastings.
If the wine list is unique, the Smeraldo is not limited to this and adds a list of Italian oils, with the characteristics of each one and the most appropriate use, and finally a list of the best mineral waters.

Our Pizza

Commendatore Raffaele Apicella’s passion for Pizza comes from a family tradition that combines in this dish all the experience acquired over time, (in fact his grandfather Mattia was as famous as he was many years ago) and is at least equal to the love that still today leads to his land …
Tramonti, an enchanting town on the Amalfi Coast and its traditions.

The painstaking choice of raw materials completes the creation of the famous Casa Apicella specialty.
A Pizza known all over the world.

A noble art, but simply tasty and light, an unforgettable, imitated but inimitable Pizza.

The kitchen

The kitchen is hidden but not hidden, a true creative space. A kitchen of yesteryear, albeit chrome and sparkling, equipped with ultra-modern equipment, where skilled Chefs give free initiative to their creativity, preparing prestigious dishes.

The Lo Smeraldo Restaurant is also Haute Patisserie, Desserts created with passions as well as delighting the palate are true works of art that give an extra touch of class to any important occasion.

The pastry is entirely made inside and is unparalleled, as the many customers who have had the opportunity to taste it recognize … because dessert has always required great care for us.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to taste every type of dish, from Pizza to the most refined, guided by our experience and passion for great cuisine …

The history and tradition of the Apicella family

Raffaele Apicella could not escape his vocation …
Born to Gaetano and Carolina Giordano in Tramonti (SA), the country that boasts more than 3000 restaurateurs in the world managed by its Pizza professionals.

After his studies followed the activity of his grandparents who in Tramonti ran a restaurant handed down for generations, where they served the only pizza in the country considered the best on the Amalfi coast.

At 17, Lello enlisted in the Carabinieri, which gave him the opportunity to have an important life experience.
Having abandoned his uniform in 1970, he felt he had to continue the restaurant business handed down to him by his grandfather Mattia …

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